Data Breaches of the Past year. 2023

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January 2022

January 20

T-Mobile Data Breach:  T-Mobile has suffered another data breach, this time affecting around 37 million postpaid and prepaid customers who've all had their data accessed by hackers. The company claims that while it only discovered the issue on January 5th of this year, the intruders are thought to have been exfiltrating data from the company's systems since late November 2022.

Top Hacks of 2022.

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WITH THE PANDEMIC evolving into an amorphous new phase and political polarization on the rise around the world, 2022 was an uneasy and often perplexing year in digital security. And while hackers frequently leaned on old chestnuts like phishing and ransomware attacks, they still found vicious new variations to subvert defenses.