Intermountain Fire Radio of 1900's

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The first radios were introduced in the Intermountain Region and used by the Forest Service in about 1928 or 1929*, and required a pack outfit to haul them in plus tools and equipment to set them up. They were a great aid to Forest Service men. 1/ The first two-way radios were used about 1937 or 1938 for communication between fire camps and the Supervisor's Office in Jackson. 2/ Voice communication via a system of radio repeater stations, was established in 1964 on the Teton National Forest.

Data Breaches of the Past year. 2023

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January 2022

January 20

T-Mobile Data Breach:  T-Mobile has suffered another data breach, this time affecting around 37 million postpaid and prepaid customers who've all had their data accessed by hackers. The company claims that while it only discovered the issue on January 5th of this year, the intruders are thought to have been exfiltrating data from the company's systems since late November 2022.

Full Mass Migration 2023

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UNPRECEDENTED HEAT, DROUGHT, and wildfires caused chaos and misery across the once temperate British Isles this year, as climate change made its impacts felt beyond the mid-latitudes. Across the channel, Europe’s formerly pleasant Mediterranean climate has for some years been plagued by dangerous blazes, smoke, heat, floods and, recently, collapsing glaciers. The United States, too, is perpetually dealing with extreme events somewhere in the country—and often several at once.

Top Hacks of 2022.

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WITH THE PANDEMIC evolving into an amorphous new phase and political polarization on the rise around the world, 2022 was an uneasy and often perplexing year in digital security. And while hackers frequently leaned on old chestnuts like phishing and ransomware attacks, they still found vicious new variations to subvert defenses.

Modern battlefield communications. Plan for failure

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Mobility is one of the keys to success on the modern battlefield.

All communications must be geared to support a combat force that must repeatedly move to survive and fight the enemy. The single-channel radio is the primary means of communication for command, fire control, exchange of information, administration, and liaison between and within units.

The versatility of radio communications makes it readily adaptable to rapidly changing tactical situations.